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Nothing is worse than turning on a light and seeing a cockroach scatter across the floor, especially in your home. They can range anywhere from 1-3 inches in size and be very daunting and disgusting. While they are often associated with poor sanitation, they can be found anywhere with food and shelter. Roaches can live just about anywhere in the world due to their astounding adaptability but different types are more common in some areas than others.

Cockroaches in Utah

There are thousands of different cockroach species found throughout the world, but only four that are most commonly found in Utah: the brown-banded and american cockroaches, the oriental cockroach, and the german cockroach. 

Brown-banded & American

These cockroaches get their name from the two brown bands that run across their backs. These are the smallest of the three kinds and can often go undetected since they usually travel in the dark. The most common areas for these roaches are in bathrooms, kitchens, and cabinets. 


These roaches have black or reddish-brown bodies and are usually around an inch long. This species is sometimes referred to as “water bugs” since they prefer very damp climates. The roaches are usually found in basements and crawl spaces of homes and businesses. 


These insects are usually brown or tan in color and have two dark stripes running down their backs. They usually live off of human food and are commonly found in areas and rooms with a lot of leftover food, but they can live off of soap and paper for some time as well.

Knowing which type of cockroach is in your home or building can help you with determining the best method of eliminating them. These are some of the longest living pests and have been around longer than humans have, which is why pest control specialists may be your best bet at making sure they are gone for good. 

Are Roaches Dangerous?

While cockroaches don’t bite, they can be very dangerous for you and your family if they find a way inside. Before residing in your home, they were most likely camped out in a nearby sewer or swamp. They pick up bacteria and diseases from these areas and spread them into your home on whatever areas they touch. Oriental roaches are especially known for this and are known to trigger allergies and asthma attacks. 

Cockroaches Prevention

While Columbia Pest Control can easily help with your cockroaches problem easily and at an affordable rate, preventing the pests before there is a problem is always a wise idea. The following are some tips to prevent cockroaches from entering your home or other building:

These are the most effective preventative measures you can take to prevent cockroaches in your home. They are not always easy to detect and can be hiding out in your home for weeks before you even know they are there. So being sure to clean deeply and regularly is important in making sure your home stays pest free and bacteria free.

We Can Get Rid of Your Cockroaches

If you have spotted cockroaches in your home, contacting a pest control specialist may be your best option to get rid of them now and make sure they don’t come back. Columbia Pest Control is committed to you and your family’s safety and are equipped with knowledge and expertise needed to handle these pests. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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