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It is not uncommon for a homeowner or business owner to experience rodent issues and around their buildings. However, they can be very dangerous and should be dealt with immediately after being detected to prevent diseases from spreading to your loved ones and damage to the building itself. Using pest control to eliminate the pests and learning what measures you can take to prevent further infestation may be vital to you and your family’s health and wellbeing. At Columbia Pest Control we can help with rodent control involving mice, rats, gophers, and voles. 

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Mice and Rat Control

There are a number of ways mice or rats can find their way inside your home or business building. The most common of these species found in Utah include house mice and Norway rats. House mice are small with slender bodies, pointed noses, and small eyes sticking out from their heads. While Norway rats are much larger and are stocky in build. House mice usually seek shelter under structures and in the ground in dark places, especially in colder months. They are nocturnal animals and rarely move about during the daylight hours. The same can be said for the Norway rats. However, they are usually found inside the home or building because they are looking for food. These rodents can chew their way through walls, doors, and foundations.

While mice and rats are not always seen due to their nocturnal habits, there will be signs indicating infestation. Such as droppings, scratches on nearby surfaces, gnaw marks, and scratching noises in the walls or ceilings. Rodent control with these creatures is not always easy and they can become aggressive if they feel threatened. They also carry many diseases, bacteria, and parasites and can be harmful if they bite anyone. Their urine is also extremely dangerous if breathed by humans. Some other problems these rodents may cause in your home or building include electrical problems. Rats and mice are known for chewing through electrical wires and causing issues that way. This is why the best route for extermination of these rodents is calling in a pest control specialist. These experts know how to safely remove the rodents and their nests to avoid future problems. 

Gopher Control

Utah is home to three different types of gophers: the northern gopher, the Idaho gopher, and Botta’s gopher. Northern gophers are usually yellow or brown in color and have white markings under their skin. They are usually very small and weigh less than ¼ of a pound. Idaho gophers are even smaller and have white feet, dark grey around the bose, and pale yellow fur. Botta’s gophers are close in size to rats and have hairless tails, small eyes and ears, and range anywhere from grey to black in the color of their fur. One of the worst issues these rodents cause is eating the roots of plants and pulling them down below from their burrows in the ground. They will feed on most vegetation when it is green. This can cause a great deal of damage to your yard and landscaping. Not only do they eat the plants, but they can also eat through PVC sprinkler systems and underground cables.

Gopher control should only be handled by pest control specialists who understand the behavior and habits of the rodents. Typical treatment usually includes trapping and relocating them to more suitable areas with no homes or buildings, or they can be killed with a rodenticide.

Vole Control

The most common type of vole in Utah is the meadow vole and can be found in most areas throughout the state. Voles look very similar to mice, but act similarly to moles. While voles are not considered physically dangerous to humans, they can cause extensive damage to lawns, crops, trees and other plants. They create open holes and remain above ground most of the time unless there is snow, then they will build their underground tunnels beneath the snow. They make their highways in the grass as well as eat it and make their nests from it. This results in unattractive yards and eaten plants in garden and flower beds. If you notice voles in your yard or property, we recommend calling pest control immediately. The way they are exterminated depends on if they are in fact moles or voles and knowing the difference is crucial. 

Stop The Invasion Today

Pest control can be dangerous business, especially when working with rodents who are known for spreading so much disease and wreaking endless havoc on your property. There’s no need to put you or someone you love in danger by taking care of the pests yourself. Contact Columbia Pest Control for the best rodent control in the area. We know how to get the job done safely and quickly so you can get back to enjoy your property without any worries.