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Columbia Pest Control can help you get rid of the stinging pests on your property such as wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets by building a barrier around your property. While these pests have their place in the world and are important to the environment, they can cause a lot of problems for homeowners when they are on your property. Our company can help to locate the likely areas of these pests and then remove them by clearing out their nests. 

Where Do Stinging Pests Live?

Most stinging pests enjoy warmer temperatures and tend to come out and build their nests during the spring and summer months. The places they build their nests largely depends on the species and the areas available. Some of the most common places include:

There can be a lot of dangers for you and your guests and eliminating the pests all together may be your only option to prevent stings. Knowing where to find these nests may be difficult for those who don’t have experience dealing with these pests which is why we recommend using pest control to take care of the problem for you.  

Dangers of Stinging Attacks

For the majority of people an insect sting is not life-threatening or even very serious. Most stings from wasps and hornets cause redness, swelling, and pain but eventually go away after a few days. Headaches, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness are all examples of more severe reactions that can occur as a result of a sting. However, even those who do not have allergies are at risk of developing an infection at the sting site. These infections can start as minor reactions and grow to become life-threatening complications leading to hospitalization. 

The closer contact you have with the nests, the higher chance you have of being stung. Stinging insects don’t always need a reason to attack humans and many don’t even see the insect coming. These pests have venom that can affect a person’s health, and can be especially dangerous for those who have other medical conditions and weakened immune systems. 

Tips To Keep Stinging Pests Off Your Property

When the weather finally turns warm you want to be able to enjoy your yard and the outdoors without worrying about getting stung everytime you turn around. While calling Columbia Pest Control to rid of the pests for good is always your best option, there are so other measures you can take to prevent them from building their nests in the first place. The first tip is making sure all the cracks and holes in your building’s siding and foundation are sealed. These are the easiest ways for these insects to get inside the building to make their nests. Keeping food covered outside can also help keep away the insects. Stinging pests are attracted to food and garbage and are often seen during cookouts and picnics as a result. Standing water is a big attractant for wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets as well. Removing all standing water on and around your property can help reduce your risk of getting stung. Check for leaking sprinklers and hose bibs, kids pools, ponds, and stagnant water. Stinging pests are especially attracted to each of these areas as well. The last preventative measure you can take is to take the pests into consideration when landscaping around your building, and avoid putting plants that attract these pests nearby.

Stopping The Sting 

Dealing with stinging insects on your own can be intimidating. By taking matters into your own hands you may be increasing your risks of being stung. Save yourself the hassle and stress and call Columbia Pest Control. We have the experience and knowledge needed to deal with these kinds of pests and have the equipment needed to remove them safely.