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Other Pests

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are considered some of the most annoying bugs for most people. They are usually found by the thousands and in people’s homes and basements.

Since these bugs cannot survive cold or freezing temperatures, Boxelder bugs are usually found indoors during the fall and winter months while seeking shelter from the weather. Although it seems these bugs are just annoying, most people don’t realize the amount of damage they can do to your property. Large infestations can leave stains on vinyl fencing and siding and affect the value of your property by giving the surfaces a dirty appearance. They also leave stains if squished on carpet or tile, in addition to an awful odor.

Overtime, trees and plants can be victims of these bugs as well and eventually due from the damage of them burrowing into the bark. Professional pest control is best for these bugs because they often don’t respond with store-bought chemicals, and if it isn’t done right then they can come back later the same year or the next year. 

box elder bugs infestation


Earwigs are nocturnal insects that prefer cold and damp environments. As a result, infestations of these insects are usually found outside and rarely indoors. These insects prefer food from dead or dying plants and trees and are often found in leaf piles and in gardens. Over the years, home remedies for treating areas infested with these insects have become popular, however little proof has been found that they are effective. The most difficult aspect of getting rid of these insects is that while they are usually easy to exterminate initially, they often come back year after year. At Columbia Pest Control we offer regular treatments to keep them off your plants and your property year after year.

Elm Seed Bugs

Elm seed bugs look very similar to Boxelder bugs except they are tan or brown while Boxelder bugs are black and orange. They are also similar to Boxelder bugs because while they do not cause a lot of damage, they are a nuisance and can find ways inside homes. These bugs eat tree seed that have already fallen from the tree, they don’t attack the tree itself. Which is why they can often be seen on the ground below the tree and around the drip line. The most common signs that there are Elm seed bugs on your property are a bad odor, swarms, and seeing them. Much like stink bugs, Elm seed bugs release an odor to mark their territory and attract other Elm seed bugs to the area. They also have a tendency to invade houses in the attacis, in the siding, and in gutters. 

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are oval shaped and usually balk, yellow, white, and orange in coloration. They usually find their way inside homes by flying through open doors and windows. Their diets include fabric and animal products and usually lay their eggs in rugs, furniture, and clothing around homes. The beetles are also attracted to paper and are often found in filing cabinets and drawers in offices.

The best way to prevent these pests from entering your home is making sure your doors remain closed when they are not being used, as well as screens on each of the windows. Regular cleaning of the carpet, rugs, and furniture may also help with killing the eggs and preventing more from being laid.

While these insects are more of a nuisance and cause little damage, the damage they may cause includes chewing small holes in the clothing, carpet, paper or furniture where the eggs are laid. 


Centipedes are usually beneficial when they are nearby since they eat other insects, however they can become a nuisance when there’s too many of them. They can also leave stains when they are crushed on floors or walls. These insects are rarely found indoors since they prefer cool and damp environments but when they do make it inside are found in bathrooms, basements, and closets mainly. They are relatively harmless to humans even though they are venomous when they bite, their bites are rare and cause minor irritation and redness on the victim.

Not only will professional pest control assist with the treatment and extermination of these pests, they can also find where they are entering the home.

Regardless of if you have pests in or around your home, business, barn, or greenhouse, there is always something you can do about it before they ruin any of your sanity or hard-earned landscaping efforts.

At Columbia Pest Control, we have a number of different treatments and methods to get your home bug-free and make sure it stays that way. You don’t have to cut down your trees or pull your plants anymore.

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