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Keeping your home free of bugs and rodents is important for your sanity and for the safety of you and your family. At Columbia Pest Control we know how frustrating and frightening pests can be, especially when they are in and around your home. This is why we offer pest control services for all kinds of different pests including, ants, spiders, termites, rodents, stinging pests, cockroaches, and bed bugs. 

Regular Inspections and Treatments

Commercial Pest Control

Not only do we offer treatments, but we also provide inspections of your home and surrounding property to make sure there are no other pests to take care of for you. Regular check-ups of your residential property can help with finding pests early before disease or damage is spread in addition to finding where the pests are coming from. The best method of pest control is to stop the pests before they even become a problem. You wouldn’t wait for the rain to come spilling into your home before you fixed the roof would you? It’s the same idea. This may include closing off any kinds of holes and opening where the pests can enter, as well as thoring out all items that may attract them. While inspections of your property can be done yourself, the major downfall of conducting them on your own is that most people are not aware of the habits of these pests or where they tend to be. They don’t know where to look to find them and how to successfully eradicate them. Our experts have been eradicating pests for many years and understand their habits and know the safe methods of getting rid of these pests. 

Types of Pests We Can Control

The pest control experts at Columbia Pest Control take their jobs very seriously and are dedicated to getting rid of any and all pests on your residential property. Every home has different pest issues and every location is known for having different pests as well, which is why it’s so important for the pest management company you choose to know how to rid of all different types of pest and not just a few that are common in the area they are based out of. With our company, we can eradicate several different types of pests so no matter what you’re having issues with, we can help.

 The Cost of Infestation

Pests are not only a nuisance for those that see them in the home, but they also cause damage to your landscape and your home’s structure. This can prove to be very dangerous for you and your family, and some can even cause problems to your and your family’s health with the diseases and allergens they spread around. This is why it should be a top priority to rid of these pests once and for all once they are spotted on your property. While the costs to eradicate the pests may be painful at the time, imagine the costs if you had to replace areas of your home or medical bills caused by the pests living in or around your home. 

Pest Experts Near You Can Help

At Columbia Pest Control we only use safe materials and chemicals to rid of the pests by your home. We value you and your family’s health and therefore only use the best equipment and chemicals to get rid of the pests while not harming or endangering anyone in your household, including your kids and pets. When our job is done and we leave your property, we want you to feel comfortable and happy in your house again. There’s no reason to be afraid or uncomfortable  in your own home in fear of seeing pests inside or wondering what damage they may be causing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our superior pest control services.