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Pests can be a problem anywhere, and be around any kind of building whether it’s a home or other commercial building.


Keeping your home free of bugs and rodents is important for your sanity and for the safety of you and your family. At Columbia Pest Control we know how frustrating and frightening pests can be, especially when they are in and around your home. Which is why we offer pest control services for all kinds of different pests including, ants, spiders, termites, rodents, stinging pests, cockroaches, and bed bugs. 

Not only do we offer treatments, but we also provide inspections of your home and surrounding property to make sure there are no other pests to take care of for you. Regular check-ups of your residential property can help with finding pests early before disease or damage is spread in addition to finding where the pests are coming from. The major downfall of conducting these inspections on your own is that most people are not aware of the habits of these pests. They don’t know where to look to find them and how to successfully eradicate them. Our experts have been eradicating pests for many years and understand their habits and know the safe methods of getting rid of these pests. 

At Columbia Pest Control we only use safe materials and chemicals to rid of the pests by your home. Before we leave your home, we want you to feel comfortable and happy in your house again. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our superior pest control services.


Pest control services guarantee a pest free environment for everyone in that building including you, residents, employees, and customers. The last thing business owners want their customers to experience while in their business is an encounter with a rodent or swarm of bugs. This can result in lost business and bad reviews from the infestation. We provide all different kinds of pest control services so employees can maintain a clean and safe environment to run their business. 

Running a business is hard work and it doesn’t leave you much time for building and property maintenance on top of it. It’s also hard to pay a lot of attention to the soundness of the building while running a business out of it, and it’s easy to be unaware of a pest problem until it’s too late. Our services ensure this doesn’t happen, and make sure you don’t miss a beat with your business. Depending on your needs and type of building, we have different treatment and inspection options to be sure you get exactly what you need while working with our professionals. Whether that means regular inspections of your commercial building to ensure no pests can be found, or eradication of the pests that are found in an effective and safe manner. The types of commercial buildings we offer our services for include:

Not only do we offer impeccable services to our customers with commercial properties, we are also sensitive to the publicity aspect of pest infestations. Depending on the type of business with the infestation, there may be heavy publicity and panic surrounding the issue. We understand these effects and how quick our services need to be to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the employees and customers of the business. We also understand and are willing to work discreetly while we work. After our services are complete, we guarantee that you will have peace of mind knowing there will be no pests in or around the building and knowing we can help if there is another problem in the future.